About Us

WELCOME to the world of trading and investment,

As we all know , The forex market is generally the largest financial market in the world .The market is filled with almost infinite trading market hypes , the EA trading robot , indicators and even education. People are struggling in every way to tab into this lucrative market. But sadly, the sobering truth is that fewer than 10 percent of the active traders are consistently profitable over the long run.

Hello friend , nice to meet you.

My name is Den , We are group of full time traders and coaches who have years of experience in forex trading .

Let's make it short , we are not here to write long fantasy profiles for you but rather let our performance speaks . Anyway, we are neither story writers nor an online marketing sellers but only pure traders. Anyway , Who really cares about your profile!


  • Put your confidence back into the market
  • Learn while you trade with us and be consistently profitable
  • Measure the risk while increasing your net worth.

As we know that most people lost in forex , they are merely a gambler or having the pain of not having enough who wants to have constant thirst of market thrill. Moreover ,some look restlessly for unrealistic expectation of what the market has to offer ,we call them a thrill seeker.

Now, we know that most traders are facing the same problem in forex trading dabbling in the market constantly looking for the secret answers.

If you're here looking for "holy Grail" "crystal ball" or even "rocket science formula". Then what we offer isnít for you , We DO NOT sell dreams . It doesn't work this way here.

Surprisingly, the elite traders who win do not necessary have any trading secret formula but only understanding "The universal principal of trading".

  • Methodology
  • Money management
  • Risk management
  • Psychology


It is important to have realistic expectations when developing your career in forex trading .Many inexperience traders enter the market with high expectations of what they can achieve. But in trading, what is more important is to first ensure what risk level you are willing to take in order to preserve your capital before considering the rewards.

Last but not least , pursuing a career in investing is like running marathon , slow and steady . A lot of stamina are needed to sustain you.

More importantly , you must enjoy the journey of success.

Are you willing to make a more sensible approach?

Yes, that's why youíre here and that is the reason why we are here to help you.

Let us walk through this journey with you on how to create a lifetime of wealth and abundance with love, Joy and fun using the Forex market as a vehicle.

"The Preservation of your capital is the key to a successful trade" - Linda Marscheel

I hope you will have a wonderful profitable journey with us.

See you in the market !

To your trading success ,


Founder & trader