Our Story

Our Story

Cordially welcome!

Thank you for visiting us and let me take this opportunity to tell how you can benefit from our signal services.

Firstly, l will walk you through my own trading story to give you a better insight into who I am and why what we do here is so different to anything else you have experienced in the past.

My personal story is also pivotal to how and why this signal service was created in the first place and how it continues to flourish.

You may be an experienced trader, or perhaps you’re just starting out. Either way, remember, everyone begins at the same starting point. Every trader who ever made money in any market began as a novice. Most of all successful traders learn though tough experiences. This is to say that nobody is born with a deep, innate understanding of trading.

The beginning of my trading journey was not all smooth sailing. I should say not to worry if you are currently losing, because you’re actually in a good company. Why? So, for you to know why, Let me share an unfortunate truth with you.

The trading adventure began in 2007. At the time, I was just like anybody else in the city, running a small business. Day in, day out, traffic jams were everywhere. Why the traffic issue hit me most? Because I had enough of the morning traffic, and hated more on the evening one when there was a road operation by the traffic police. And after a daylong work, I was tired and needed to head home for dinner and rest.

I just wanted a taste of a good life! So I got to do what I needed to do in order to change my working life. I had to look for a new opportunity. Online business sounded perfect because can it start-up without hefty overheads and I will be freed from the never ending hassle of employing and dealing with employees, and as a business owner, I had to listen to complaints, office politics, personal matters, emotional issues, money problems, breakups, and whatsoever the list just never seemed to has its end.

As a young man of his thirtieth, I must say that I was a kind of highly ambitious, dare devil, passionate, arrogant or you may say I was such a naive young man who dreamed to live an American rich and famous lifestyle. I also wanted to retire young, wanted to walk down the millions dollar hall, to hit the road with a Ferrari, to dine in the most luxurious restaurant, etc … etc. So, how to realise the dreams?

To be frank, trading Forex was not my first port of call. In fact, I tried pretty much everything from affiliate marketing to high yield investing programmes. But after years of struggling and basically getting ripped off and scammed! I decided to give up and walk back to my old business, but deep down in my heart I was not convinced that there will never be a better choice. The burning desire kept me to go on trying and venturing for more online business opportunities.

On one morning, I was flipping through some newspapers routinely in my office while waiting for customers to knock in, I found an advert of one Guru who was promoting his workshop in FX market. The ad said, “BY TRADING FOREX, I RETIRED RICH AT THE AGE OF 35 AND MANY OTHERS WHO WERE COACHED BY ME HAVE DONE THE SAME WITHIN 5 YEARS. YOU CAN DO IT TOO! It got me hooked up instantly. Suddenly, my vision of making millions while sipping cocktails on the beach started to get vivid, as real as reality. (I told you I was naive!)

Enthusiastically, I enrolled for the workshop with great hope to learn everything about trading. I thought that this could be the shortcut to achieve my dreams. And told my cohort that I had found the Holy Grail, the secret key to the kingdom of gold. Naively, how little did I know that the journey to become a successful trader would take tremendous amount of sweat and blood to build up. I believe some of you who are reading this right now, had gone through such an experience.

By the end of the workshop I dedicated myself to learn as much as I possibly could in the shortest period of time and went straight trading on a live broker account instead of demo account. I decided to take a short time to make fast money from trading, so I could sell off my business and then go travelling. My worldly voyage could also last much longer, because I could earn money online from wherever in the world, except Arctic and Antarctica as I don’t have agenda there.

Now going back to my journey. The trading things never really turned out good as expected and promised. The high hope of achieving an American dream collapsed, knocked down hard by a giant market bear. Since then, days were long, nights were cold, and evening looked gray. I had bad losses, stupid losses and stubborn losses. How naive I was! All my income and saving drained down into a river of no return. As depressed and devastated, money just seemed to come in from the left pocket and go out from the right.

I turned to look for something new, thinking there might just have some secret code for sale on internet, and I probably had tried just about every technique there is to trading. If there was a book, a seminar, a workshop, a video course or a software programme that could help my trading. I either bought it, attended it, watched it or installed it. I was totally desperate to find anything to be on the edge of success and only soon to realize it was another frustration. I was learning more and more about trading every week, but this seemed to make almost no impact on my actual trading performance. The cycle was always the same, it didn’t work for me at all. And soon after that, I’d found a great looking system. I spent a day or two back-testing it and was thrilled and over excited thinking on how many pips I’d soon be making by using the “superhero” machine. Then I’d traded with it and to my amusement, I was looking at numerous losses. Where was the winning gone to? What’s next? My confidence just vanished into the thin air. Honestly speaking, personally I felt like I was banging my head against a brick wall again and again. I was badly cut, bruised and bleed. The tragedy hit me hard. It became very clear that nobody would be sipping cocktails on the beach to make real money. Again , I’ve lost all my hard earn savings and even my pants this time. The shocking state rang the alarm bell in my head. I started to do deep thinking and realised the only possible logical reason I had failed to get anywhere was because I used the wrong concepts.

At this point, it became an evident that if I needed to improve my trading skills,I need to get rid all the expensive useless resources that I bought previously and that is to learn from scratch, very down to earth and of course to find a real legit mentor if I wanted to be successful in trading. I had inadvertently learned a very important lesson. These realizations made me determined to keep going.

After years ( yes years) of humble studies, patience, persistence and perseverance until the day that I hit that point where my trading account gradually slowly growing. For me, it was a big achievement. Things were going well from there onward. I felt in control and completely confident, I was making pips and consistently knew which way the markets should be moving in the longer term. I knew exactly what I was looking for each day rather than sitting there with 20 charts, waiting for something or some opportunity to show up just like a slave to the computer.

I remember very well when I made my first withdrawal, the moment I was drawing out from my trading account USD$5,000, I realised that dreams do come true. It was such a good feeling! It was life changing! I’d finally reached the point where I was making a legitimate income from my trading and it was more than enough to live off. This is how the trader’s business was born. It evolved from hardship, stupidity, naive, nut head… etc .etc..

From my experience, one of the reasons so many people lost in trading is that they believe what they read in trading books and magazines, and what they see on charting programs. It’s an unfortunate truth that most of what is written about trading or incorporate into trading programmes do not work. It only makes money for the authors, publishers, and software developers.

Today, even though I have made it in the market, I am still constantly refining my strategies and hope to learn more from other useful resources. However, I will never claim that I will be the best trader. In fact, no one can claim that he or she is the best, but to continue learning, refining and upgrading through and from every aspect as we could. From the starting of my journey in trading until today, I have never met a trader who claims that he has never had any bad losses. If one day, should you happen to meet a Guru that give you a promise that he has a 90 percent winning rate or strategy. Trust me down to the bottom, please don’t walk away from him but you run away as fast as you could. If you have wings, spread and fly off even better. There is nothing in this world and even a history record has a winning rock like that, it just doesn’t happen that way.

I think it’s important to say that a lot of successful people make it look easy. It can sometimes seem as though traders just skip straight to making a fortune with almost no effort. This is rarely the case and definitely not true with me. If you want to learn the common mistakes people make in trading, I’m your man. I have more cuts, bruises, and bumps than any other traders, so I am comfortable to claim to be an expert among them. However, although I’ve hit many speed humps, I have also managed to survive and navigate my way through the confusing world of methodology, money management and psychology. Hopefully, with the knowledge I have, I’ll help you to survive as well.

Today, as a mechanical trader, I am using a trading formula that brings me clear buy and sell signals which I consistently follow. My methodology focuses on long-term gains and disregards any short-term losses.

I also created a set of tight money management rules (the core and unbreakable code of discipline to be measurable successful) that I have follow in any market condition. That is what separates the winner from the loser.

Now is The Future

Now I am spending most of my time doing research to add value to this website and putting up new ideas for programming, and of course faithfully trading on this platform. I want everything to be accessible online to benefit our traders no matter where in the world they live.

My guiding principle is always to offer the highest quality in terms of our signal and information, along with a dedicated, responsive support team that people could trust and rely on.

As the business is progressively growing and developing, I will continue making huge effort in demonstrating our standard of quality service though all the free contents that we share on our blog and channels. This commitment is designed to solidified your confidence on our signal service today and in the future!

Lastly, if you’re really serious about making money from the market, then I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

I wish you all the success and see you in the Market!

Founder & trader